HRC Incents Innovation Among Team Members

Engages Create2Elevate Research Lab to Attract and Develop Millennial Employees

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. (April 29, 2019)—HRC (Hughes Ray Company) today announced winners of an innovative in-house competition designed to empower employees. The Shark Tank-style event was held March 27, 2019 at the Centre at Arbor Connection in Douglasville, Ga. Teams of HRC professionals—civil engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects and administrative experts—presented ideas designed to add value to the firm, and the clients they serve.

“HRC is looking to attract and develop the kind of workforce that can truly propel us to the next level,” said Howard B. Ray, HRC’s president. “We’ve partnered with the Create2Elevate Research Lab to help build a promising future for the benefit of our clients and our company.”

Multiple teams of three employees each competed by developing proposals to make HRC more efficient, effective or otherwise positioned to grow. The three firm principals—Howard B. Ray, P.E.; Darryl D. Ray, R.L.A.; and Aaron M. McCullough, R.L.S.—determined winners. The event was led by Kent J. Wessinger, Ph.D., CEO of Create2Elevate, an Atlanta-based firm specializing in bridging generational gaps in the workplace.

“We believe every organization has the opportunity to reduce crisis and secure growth when employees are provided with environments to develop and implement innovative ideas of value,” said Dr. Wessinger. As part of the engagement that includes the competition, Create2Elevate is conducting research among the HRC employee base, the majority of who are millennials.

“As a research lab, we’re working with HRC to develop a ‘platform of voice’ to enable employees to articulate their innovative ideas of value on an ongoing basis,” Dr. Wessinger said.

Winning team members were awarded trips or cash:

  • First-place winners Hope Hendrix, Laura Mullins and Jonathan Tilenis and their spouses/partners received an all-expenses-paid four-night trip to St. Simons Island, Ga. for their proposal to implement flexible in-office schedules and time off for individual and group volunteer work.
  • Second-place winners Jeremy Byess, Aaron Studdard and John Walden and their spouses/partners received an all-expenses-paid three-night trip to Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Ga. for their proposal to develop additional standards for survey work to increase efficiency.
  • Third-place winners Brian Howell, Taylor Pounds and Preston Sorrell received $200 each for their proposal to develop a training program for new employees to reduce onboarding time and cost.

“Ultimately, through this effort, our entire firm ‘wins,’” said Howard B. Ray. “Instilling a culture of idea generation and exploring new ways to get things done is our goal. This competition helps us do just that.”

About HRC

HRC is a team of civil engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects and construction administration professionals. Led by principals with hands-on involvement, and characterized by a client-comes-first attitude, the firm offers a variety of planning and design services to municipalities and private land developers within the metro-Atlanta area, and throughout Georgia and the U.S. Headquartered in Historic Downtown Douglasville, Ga. since July 2000, HRC has delivered more than 250 master planning, surveying, design, landscape architecture and construction administration projects. The company is known for its strong commitment to clients and communities over the past 18 years. Visit.

About Create2Elevate

Kent J. Wessinger, Ph.D. founded the Create2Elevate research lab with one objective: To extract relevant data to create growth and elevate profit for companies with millennial employees, members, and customers. Dr. Wessinger developed a comprehensive research tool that equips leaders with accurate realities to create a future of growth with millennials. More than 28,000 individuals have participated in the two-year project and organizations from all sectors have implemented outcomes of the research. A Fortune 100 financial institution; a global engineering firm; boards of education; civic organizations; houses of worship; tech companies; and divisions of national governments are currently securing growth with millennials due to Dr. Wessinger’s research project. Visit.