Douglasville, GA – “It takes a village to make the community great, when everybody’s hands are involved it makes a better impact in the community.” HRC’s Laura Mullins has been volunteering in her local community of Douglasville since she was 17. Mullins has always enjoyed helping young children have a better life. 

“When I was younger, I was very involved in my church. I was the nursery lead, making sure the scheduling was correct, I was involved in Awana and was the photographer for my church.”  

Today Mullins is still giving back to the community. She is an Executive Chair on the Douglas County Chamber and she assisted in the Winter Ball events. Mullins is on the Board of Boys and Girls Club in Douglasville and was a chair of the 2019 Golf Tournament. 

“I oversaw the entire 2019 Golf Tournament; we planned this event from March to June and it ran smoothly, we also met our goal of $25,000.” 

Mullins spends on average five to 10 hours a week dedicating time to the programs she is involved in—in addition to working a four to seven-hour shift at HRC. HRC strives to give back to the community and supports its employees in their efforts to make the places we live, better. HRC helps Mullins and other team members stay involved by allowing time-off, paying dues and sponsoring various non-profit programs. 

Mullins tries to motivate young adults to get into volunteering in their local communities as well because it is a wonderful opportunity to give back.