Construction Project Specification Services

HRC’s construction specifications prevent project delays, change orders and added costs. Learn more about our construction project specification services.

Whether you’re developing a residential, industrial, commercial, or municipal project, you’ll benefit from HRC Engineers’ construction project specification services. We have the experience and the technical know-how to provide the specifications you need to complete your project on-time and on-budget.

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Construction specifications, an integral HRC service

The engineers, designers, and administrators at HRC provide comprehensive construction project specification services to help clients:

  • Document what it will take from a cost, timing, supply and labor standpoint to construct the project as planned.
  • Develop and maintain high standards in keeping with the intent of the approved design.
  • Minimize cost over-runs, change orders and unnecessary delays.
  • Communicate and keep the team—client, design professionals, and contractors—informed and up-to-date.
  • Assure products and tradespeople specified are available when needed.
  • Keep a running tally of incurred and future costs.
  • Maintain the approved schedule of activity and track deadlines.

Agreement is key

Assuring all suppliers and purchasers of materials, products and services agree about what’s required to complete a development initiative is what HRC is known for.

Our specifications clarify agreements made at the start of the project; facilitate on-boarding of new hires to the client’s, suppliers’ and HRC team; and significantly minimize misunderstandings. The construction project specification services offered by HRC enable a smooth building process.

HRC’s Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, Landscape Architects, and Construction Administrators work closely with clients to track and manage all components of a building or infrastructure project. Since construction specifications are created after designs are approved, the documentation specifying materials, labor and timing is as important as the drawings and the contracts in assuring development proceeds as planned.

Primary benefits

Schools. Hospitals. Courthouses. Government office buildings. Municipalities investing in long-term infrastructure improvement plans need a partner they can rely on. HRC works closely with public works leaders to develop functional and aesthetically pleasing places to learn, work, get healthy and conduct government business.

Everyone benefits from comprehensive, well maintained construction specification:

  • Clients benefit by full visibility into the processes, including timelines and budgets, giving them confidence the development process is running per plan.
  • Contractors (architects, builders, suppliers, etc.) benefit by the predictability the HRC process makes possible. They have access to agreed-upon information about timing, pricing, and can act accordingly.
  • HRC benefits by enabling a streamlined process with more transparency, fewer headaches, and a greater sense of understanding with all involved.