Industrial Development Design

Whether you’re developing a distribution center, business park, or manufacturing facility, HRC provides the industrial development design services you need.

Industrial site developers across the Southeast count on HRC’s civil engineering, landscape architecture, land surveying and construction administration services. A multi-disciplined approach to industrial site design helps assure a cohesive development experience that meets your objectives—and delivers the efficiency and innovation you’re looking for.

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HRC is here to provide the industrial development design services you need for your next project.

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Comprehensive industrial development services

All the design and management services you need for industrial site development are offered by HRC. Our professionals—civil engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, and construction administrators—work in concert to assure a seamless process. Each of them are experts in their field, and all share the goal of being your trusted partner.

Site development experts

HRC has more than 20 years of experience designing industrial sites, including distribution and commerce centers, manufacturing plants, corporate centers, business parks, transportation hubs and other build-to-suit facilities. Our approach is collaborative—we make it our job to deliver on the goals you have for your project.

A best-of-all-world’s approach

Visionary and detail-oriented. Practical and innovative. Our ability to strike a balance in the work we do on behalf of our industrial site development clients makes HRC the design partner of choice. We have the right skills—and the right attitude—to concept with you, deliver plans, facilitate permitting and manage each step of the construction process.

Focusing on what matters most

With thoughtful, well-honed processes in place—and clients’ budgets, timelines and priorities always top of mind—HRC’s site design process is both efficient and effective. We pride ourselves on well designed, attractive and quality industrial development—and the long-term business relationships we forge with the developers we serve.

Industrial site design elements optimized by HRC:

Building placement maximizing heat, light and ventilation

  • Natural elements incorporated, i.e. water features, views, trees and other plant materials.
  • Main building entryways to enhance the development.
  • Site elements arranged to optimize aesthetics and usability.
  • New development designed in harmony with existing structures.
  • Buffering (setbacks, screening, sound barriers, etc.) incorporated.
  • Employee break/lunch areas located appropriately.
  • Storage, pickup, loading, delivery areas located appropriately.


  • Adequate parking, staging designed up front.
  • Clearly defined pedestrian and vehicular entries to site.
  • Pedestrian walkways that are convenient, safe, and well defined.
  • Space for trucks to safely and appropriately move incorporated.
  • Employee parking, service areas, and visitor parking clearly defined and delineated.
  • Several, smaller parking lots incorporated (vs. a single, large parking lot that is the most dominant feature of site).
  • Electric charging stations as well as bike racks included as appropriate.


  • Plant materials and hardscapes to define areas, i.e. entrances, parking, loading, pedestrian, etc.
  • Plant materials and hardscapes in scale with overall development.
  • Plant materials and hardscapes to screen fewer desirable views. i.e. freeways.
  • Include 6” concrete curbs to delineate areas.
  • Screening (i.e. trees and other plant materials) plans in place on perimeter of parking lots.
  • Screening included to conceal storage areas, equipment, etc.


  • Lighting adequate for safety and integrated within the design incorporated.
  • Direct light designed to not light night sky or leave perimeter of site.


  • Containers and areas are consolidated with those with similar functions.
  • Limited number of sites for refuse/recycling activity.
  • Screening included.
  • Curbs designed in.
  • Planting areas included.