NPDES Inspections and Monitoring

HRC is well versed in the NPDES permitting process. We help our clients get the permits they need—and meet ongoing NPDES inspections and monitoring requirements.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency addresses the water quality issues defined by the Clean Water Act. Developers across the Southeast count on HRC’s Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects to help them get their NPDES permits—and satisfy monitoring and reporting requirements over time.

When it comes to NPDES inspections and monitoring, HRC is your trusted resource. Call us now for a quote at (770) 942-0196.

HRC makes the NPDES process easier

HRC knows the ins and outs of getting the required NPDES permits for a new development and renewing them prior to expiration. We work closely with our clients, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and state offices to secure the NPDES permits that specify the acceptable level of pollutants that can be discharged into a waterway and make sure federal and state standards for clean water are met.

Our team takes the hassle out of the process and helps assure compliance by the developers we partner with, including:

  • Residential, industrial, and commercial construction developers that involve storm water discharged into U.S. waters that require an NPDES permit.
  • Municipalities and other public/government entities with storm water systems that discharge into U.S. waters that require an NPDES permit.
  • Developers of operations or facilities impacting water quality as deemed by the EPA or state agency that require an NPDES permit.

NPDES inspections and monitoring

Ongoing inspections, monitoring, reporting, and documentation must comply with terms of a NPDES permit. HRC makes a plan to monitor, sample, and analyze the discharge and properly report on results on our clients’ behalf. In addition, our engineering professionals provide the assistance and support necessary to correct permit violations.

Water-quality services

Whether your next municipal, residential, commercial, or industrial development involves new construction or redevelopment, we can address your NPDES permitting, inspections and monitoring needs.

Keeping water quality levels high in our communities and making sure you stay in compliance with federal and state regulations takes a partner you can trust. HRC Engineers are here to help you manage the complexities of NPDES—and help make the places we live, better.