ADA Surveys

HRC performs ADA surveys and accessibility reviews to ensure your facilities are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other regulations.

HRC performs the ADA surveys and accessibility reviews to help make sure new and existing government, public, and commercial facilities are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other state and local regulations. Identifying potential accessibility issues upfront helps assure accessibility to everyone—and saves time and money long-term.

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An ADA survey keeps you compliant

An accessibility survey is required for new construction, as well as for existing facilities, to assure plans meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a civil rights law passed in 1990 establishing protections for people with disabilities.

An ADA survey performed by the surveying professionals of HRC demonstrates that new public and commercial facilities are in accordance with federal law, as well as with other federal, state, and local regulations that apply. Demonstrating that all routes of travel related to the facility are accessible by all is the primary goal.

An ADA survey also details removal of barriers related to routes of travel in existing facilities—even those built before the ADA went into effect—to assure compliance.

Enabling accessibility is good for everyone

Individuals with a wide range of needs benefit from requirements in place by the ADA. Those with mobility issues, with issues related to low vision and hearing impairments, and other physical, mental, or emotional limitations, benefit from accessibility measures put into place on their behalf.

Making parking spaces, public spaces, building ingress and egress, and signage easy for all to navigate keeps you compliant, while also making your development welcoming to all.

It’s more than a good idea, it’s the law

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act takes more than compassion. It takes knowledge of what is required. ADA requirements are complex. The professionals at HRC can help you do what is right—and avoid costly implications of non-compliance.

The land surveying professionals at HRC have the knowledge and experience you are looking for. We efficiently incorporate accessibilities into your new construction plans or help retrofit existing development. HRC Engineers ADA-related activity includes:

  • Identifying features of the facility that need to be measured to adhere to the law.
  • Navigating forms requiring completion per rules that must to be followed.
  • Measuring all features impacting accessibility using best practice measuring devices and techniques.
  • Answering all questions accurately and providing all information required by law.
  • Appropriately submitting all forms.
  • Providing images of surveyed features.
  • Providing measurements obtained on measuring tapes/digital levels.

HRC Engineers: A partner you can trust

HRC’s land surveying team is a trusted partner to clients throughout the metro-Atlanta area and the Southeast, providing a variety of services to support site development and infrastructure projects.

Known for doing right by our clients, our surveyors work closely with HRC’s civil engineers, landscape architects, and construction administration professionals to help make those we serve more successful, and the places we live better.