Boundary Surveys

Whether your land’s private, commercial or public, the land surveyors at HRC Engineers can produce the boundary surveys you need for successful development.

A boundary survey formally defines a property’s dimensions and documents its boundaries. The HRC land surveying professionals precisely measure your parcel of land, and expertly create drawings needed to buy, divide, improve or develop it. Boundary surveys are among the first steps HRC Engineers undertakes for its clients.

Need an updated plat or a boundary survey? Count on the professional land surveyors at HRC Engineers.

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Professional, responsive, quality land surveying

Boundary surveys are a critical part of pre-development due diligence. HRC Engineers’ licensed land surveyors work with public and private clients to establish a piece of property’s perimeters, and create the legal documentation needed to develop the land. In addition, our surveyors file the completed boundary surveys with relevant regulatory agencies to assure compliance, and a hassle-free development experience.

A boundary survey is often required by title and lending companies. Getting a high-quality boundary survey done reduces a developers’ risk. A careful land surveying process minimizes the chance of dealing with a costly, time-consuming lawsuit; or the need to move a building or other newly constructed structure inadvertently built beyond the parcel’s legal borders, easements and/or setbacks.

Our licensed land surveyors start by reviewing previously recorded surveys, title certificates, deeds, easements and other conditions, and maps. The HRC surveying professionals then conduct a survey in the field, taking physical measurements of the site. Historic data and current data are compared to assure there’s no disparity between the two.

Boundary survey process

Get data you can count on to determine alignment, grading and earthwork quantities for the design and engineering projects you’re planning.

The land surveyors at HRC Engineers are ready to meet your needs for boundary surveys. Our team is equipped with the expertise (and state of the art equipment and software) to provide the surveying services you need to support your next site development or infrastructure project.

  • HRC Engineers’ professionals locate boundary lines and property lines and file a legal description of the property.
  • The boundary survey the team creates is focused on defining the corners of a particular parcel of land
  • Team members also include a statement verifying there are no discrepancies between the developers’ property, and adjoining property/properties.
  • Rights-of-way and easements are documented, as are the presence of bodies of water including ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and creeks.
  • Existing improvements in-place on the premises (i.e., structures and utilities) are recorded.
  • The presence of a cemetery is also noted on the survey.
  • Any issues that could lead to boundary disputes are noted as part of the boundary survey.
  • The property’s zoning classification is included as part of the boundary survey.

The HRC land surveying team is grateful for the trust our existing clients have placed in us in the past, and we’re honored to meet the needs of those in the market for a partner to provide land surveying services—as well as civil engineering, landscape architecture and construction administration services—in the future.