Route Surveys

Route surveys are required in planning linear development like roads, transmission lines and waterways—and are a specialty of HRC’s land surveying team.

For more than 20 years the land surveyors of HRC Engineers have provided the route surveys public and private developers need to plan right-of-ways. From roadways, highways and railroads, to transmission lines for communications, liquids and electricity; from canals, drainage ditches and sewers, to easement and approach routes, the surveying team is there for you. Our professionals help you adhere to all rules and regulations—and assure a successful development project.


Need to determine the route and grades of a railroad, highway or power line? HRC can handle your route survey needs.

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Your best source for route surveys

Do you need a survey to determine the route and grades of a railroad, highway or power line? Commercial, retail, industrial and government developers in Georgia, and throughout the South, count on the land surveyors at HRC Engineers for the route survey and design services that deliver optimal results.

Building a transportation or communications line requires a route survey. Our survey professionals have the skill and experience to do everything needed for the route surveying of roadways, highways and railroads, as well as transmission for communications, fuel, chemical, electricity, water and sewage, including:

  • Locating the center line of the route at required intervals.
  • Determining elevations along the center line.
  • Establishing left, right and center alignment across the route.
  • Plotting the profile and cross sections.
  • Planning required grading.
  • Computing earthwork quantities/volume.
  • Staking cuts and fills.
  • Designing ditches and culverts for use in drainage.
  • Designating required structures, such as bridges.
  • Staking out fence lines.
  • Locating right-of-ways.

Planning a right-of-way

HRC’s land surveyors are equipped with the knowledge, equipment and technology to make precise measurements of the earth’s surface to effectively plan, design and construct linear works like roads and pipelines.

Compiling and updating topographical, geological, soil and other conditions along a path (or route) is done at the ground level as well as an aerial level. Both methods provide data needed for HRC Engineers’ clients requiring the on-time, in-budget high quality route surveys to consistently and efficiently plan and develop important public and private infrastructure projects across the Southern U.S.