Topographical Surveys

HRC is your source for quality topographical surveys. Our survey teams obtain data required to generate the precise 3D site representations you need.

A topographic survey identifies, measures, and records the exact location, shapes, and features on a specified land surface. For more than two decades, HRC Engineers’ licensed land surveyors have provided the highly accurate topographic surveys needed for successful development.


Start your next project off right with a topographic survey by HRC.

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Land surveying services that meet your needs now

HRC Engineers provide the topographic surveys needed at the start of a commercial, residential, or public land development project—delivered on-time and in-budget. Depending on specific requirements, our surveys include all key elements that assure an efficient and effective development process, including:

  • Contours of the land
  • Boundaries
  • Fences
  • Buildings and structures
  • Natural features
  • Utilities
  • Vegetation
  • Surfaces (i.e. paving)
  • Water (ponds, lakes, streams, etc.)

Topographic surveys for any type of project

Before starting design or construction of your development, a topographic survey is done. This 3D site representation forms the basis for planning and execution of a variety of projects, including:

  • New buildings
  • Improvements to existing structures
  • Repurposed facilities
  • Roads, bridges, tunnels
  • Parks and other public spaces

Who uses a topographic survey?

  • Engineers and landscape architects need access to land elevation information to determine whether/how to adjust the property grade to optimize the functionality and attractiveness of your project in their designs.
  • Architects require the survey to create an accurate, in-context model of the building/buildings to aid decision-making prior to finalizing design—and breaking ground.
  • Government agencies reference topographic surveys when making and enforcing regulations, evaluating existing infrastructure and addressing environmental concerns.

Benefits of a quality approach to surveying

HRC Engineers’ professionals carefully perform topographic surveys to help assure a no-surprises development process. Advantages of partnering with the HRC land surveying team include:

  • Keeping costs in check. Cost estimation is easier when all site details are known—and costly mistakes are avoided.
  • Reducing risk of non-compliance. A thorough topographic survey helps assure all construction and zoning regulations are adhered to, saving time and money.
  • Increasing efficiency. A comprehensive topographic survey done upfront saves hours of time throughout design and construction.
  • Enhancing collaboration. Multiple people—engineers, landscape architects, architects, construction professionals—can access the topographic survey via GIS as the project proceeds, keeping all involved in the loop.

Using the latest equipment and techniques

Our surveyors use state-of-the-art tools and processes to deliver the high-quality topographic surveys you expect.

  • GPS (global positioning systems)/DGPS (digital global positioning systems) surveying equipment.
  • Laser scanning tools
  • Tripod-mounted robotic total station
  • 3D scanners
  • EDM (electronic distance metering) reflectors
  • Range poles, pegs, nails, measuring tapes, level rods, digging tools
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • Drones

HRC is your survey partner of choice

We focus first on clients. Your budgets and timelines are always top of mind. Our processes are thoughtful and well-honed. And we consistently apply the right skills—and right attitude—to deliver what you need.