Commercial Landscape Design

Consultation. Site surveys. Conceptual drawings. Master planning. HRC provides the high-quality commercial landscape design services developers need.

Well planned commercial landscape design adds value to your project that pays off for years to come. The professionals at HRC Engineers are versed in what it takes to create beautiful, useful landscape designs to enhance the appeal and utility of your development. A multi-faceted plan that covers every need is a must-have for your next project.


No commercial development project is complete without a commercial landscape design plan by HRC.

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Curb appeal is just the start

Commercial projects—schools, churches, government buildings, offices, retail, manufacturing and industrial facilities, recreation and sports facilities, and healthcare centers—benefit from a thoughtful approach to landscape design.

HRC Engineers is known for creating functional and innovative outdoor spaces. Our work enhances the experience people have with your project, and it enhances the value of the development too. With a knowledgeable staff using the latest techniques, tools, and technology, we create the commercial plans developers are looking for.


Plants—ranging from ground covers to towering hardwoods—are an aesthetic and practical feature of the landscape. Seasonal flowers provide interest and variety; trees give shade, add beauty and block wind; and shrubs and bushes soften the edges of buildings and help define a variety of outside spaces.

HRC’s landscape architects understand the growing habits of plant materials in the Southeast U.S. They’ll spec the right varieties in the right places to ensure a commercial site is beautiful from day one, and continues to provide a pleasing outdoor environment over time.


The non-living aspects of commercial landscape design are just as important as those that grow. Walkways and paths, steps, retaining walls, arbors, placed rocks and boulders, sculpture, fire pits, and more—all contribute to the overall experience a commercial development provides.

Water features

Fountains, streams, falls, pools. These and other water features—either man-made or natural—add visual and audible interest to a commercial property. Whether in eating areas or along walkways, well-designed water features are not only attractive and soothing, but they muffle unpleasant sounds (like traffic) too.

Safety features

Hedges and fences should be aesthetically pleasing, and they should serve as safety features, discouraging people from walking in traffic areas or venturing beyond borders. Our designers plan commercial landscapes that achieve both objectives.

Gathering spots

Designing outdoor spaces that encourage people to gather near nature is a specialty of HRC Engineers. Picnic tables, benches, pavilions, seating areas, low walls and gazebos that are beautiful to look at (and inviting too) help make your commercial development a special place.


HRC helps you design your commercial landscape with energy savings in mind. Siting buildings properly reduces heating and cooling costs, as does placing the appropriate plant materials to provide shade in the summer and to block cold winds in the winter. Designing a landscape to control water run-off is also a best practice our professionals employ.

Accentuate the positive

HRC’s commercial landscape designs let developers make the most of their investments in architecture and the property. Our designers accentuate buildings, highlighting entryways and other unique features—and showcase the land itself.

We’ve been serving commercial developers since 2000. Our landscape architects—and our civil engineers, land surveyors, and construction administrators—have a two-decade track record of success.