HRC (Hughes-Ray Company) is putting its credentials to work. The firm’s land surveying team recently applied for—and received—GDOT prequalification. Prequalification is required in order to work as a consultant for the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Detailed documentation of relevant projects, as well as the instrumentation (tools) used by the company’s surveyors, was provided to the GDOT as part of the prequalification process. Aaron McCullough, R.L.S, Malcolm McWhorter, R.L.S., and Engineers-in-Training Jared Norton and Jim Steele were instrumental in securing certification in three area classes on behalf of the firm: Land Surveying (5.01), Engineering Surveying (5.02), and Geodetic Surveying (5.03).

“We now have the credentials to work in partnership with large engineering firms on publicly funded projects in Georgia,” said Aaron M. McCullough, R.L.S., vice president of Douglasville, Ga.-based HRC. “Our firm is in a position to solicit new projects as subcontractors to complement the services of engineers needing surveying expertise.”

“With today’s growing demand for quality surveying services, prequalification helps meet an important market need,” McCullough said. “HRC looks forward to diversifying our project mix, growing our business—and meeting the needs of partner firms and the state of Georgia.”