Most of our clients and friends know that our firm is located in Douglasville, Ga. That means we’re well positioned to serve the metro area of Atlanta, as well as West Georgia and East Alabama.

What many might not know is that our footprint expands even farther. We cover the entire Southeast, with an increasing number of projects in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Mississippi. In fact we’re accredited in 13 states.

The public and private entities we serve are helping to spread the word about our civil engineering, land surveying and landscape architecture abilities—and our client-first approach to business. We’re gratified by the referrals and business expansion we are experiencing.

From truck stops in Western states to a high school in Columbus, Ga. From leading-chain locations (Starbucks, Bojangles, Taco Bell and more) to the Foxhall resort located right here in our hometown. From hotels and healthcare centers to various municipal, county and state governments. We’re working in partnership to help make these clients and others more successful, and their communities better.