Twenty years ago Howard B. Ray, P.E. joined forces with a land surveying firm in Douglasville, Ga. A seasoned civil engineer and Georgia Tech grad, Howard was looking for opportunity to make an impact. His goal was (and still is) to help clients throughout the Southeastern U.S. be more successful, and to help make our communities better.

Starting in 2000, the firm was known as Hughes Ray Company. Since that time there have been changes in leadership: Clifford Hughes, the original co-owner, retired. And principals Darryl D. Ray, R.L.A. and Aaron M. McCullough, R.L.S. were brought on board as vice presidents of the landscape architecture and land surveying divisions, respectively, within the firm. As often happens in the evolution of an organization, the company is increasingly referred to as HRC.

“It is easy to say, easy to remember,” says Howard, HRC’s president. “It’s a natural way to refer to our firm, and it’s caught on.”

The logo, business cards, and signage reflect the change. Now the URL is changing too. To find the company on the web, visitors now go to (The old URL, still works; both web addresses take you to the same site.)

“The time is right. We honor the history of our company, and this simplification of our name helps clients, partners and members of the community more easily get it touch,” Howard added.

Our firm’s been the most trusted name in civil engineering, landscape architecture and land surveying in the metro Atlanta area for more than 20 years. Now it’s easier than ever to find us on the web. Check us out! For more HRC updates, follow us on social media.